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Guest 012: Leevoid

Leevoid is a Swiss DJ and producer from Lucerne. With his trademark bandana, he has been performing in Swiss clubs under the label „2Klang“ since 2018, playing everything from techno to tech house.



Guest 011: Maurizio Zulli

MAURIZIO ZULLI (1992), is former house- & popmusic producer and vinyl discjockey, featured a variety of european artists and international recordlabels during the peak time of house- and edm (2012 - 2018).  Nowadays, Maurizio is still presence as a deejay, mostly known for organic techno, downtempo or african-styled dj-sets. Apart nightlife, Maurizio is working as a sound designer for film- and commercial industry. He also is a member of the famous "Am Bach Festival" and a couple more projects and events all around music and art.




Guest 010: ILYA

ILYA mixes percussion and melodic sounds with driving bass lines and creates its very own sound. The Dj from Zurich has been a resident of the Pitanga Party label for two years.   




Guest 009: Ster3Play

DJ Stér3Pläy is an upcoming Dj/producer from Kerry, Ireland with a passion for techno, house, rave and jungle/dnb. Known for his raw house and techno blends through productions, self-released on SoundCloud and on labels such as DaCosta Records and Expanse Records, the latter with whom he will be playing two shows in DareTo Bristol on 21/10 and 17/11/21. He first gained notoriety in corks underground dance music scene playing in various venues such as Cyprus Avenue and Fred Zeppelins to name a few. With upcoming releases on the way, 2022 is set to be a very big year for this Irishman so be on the lookout!

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Guest 008: Distant Soul

Distant Soul convinces with her flair for music. In the studio she produces various styles of music and has already released numerous EPs, including on Techno Vinyls Records and Brain Pain Records. As soon as she takes her place behind the decks, she beats the crowd on the dance floor with techno, so that those in the back rows can still get a lot of bass. In her young career she was allowed to DJ in venues such as Rok Klub and Südpol Luzern.


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Guest 007: Chris Vannucci

If you want energy and emotions all in one you can't get better than Chris Vannucci, A Dj/Producer moulded by the Irish underground Club and Rave scene bringing his unique take on modern Tech House drums whilst holding on to that reminiscent euphoric melodic trance sound of the 90's and early 00's, A seriously unique blend of Tech House, Trance, Techno and Rave creating a truly one of a kind sound of his own, Chris is being called the bridge between House & Trance. The 90's and 00's rave culture and emotional melodic sounds has had a huge influence and shows just that through Chris and his music. "Emotional melodic rave music runs in my blood". Highly regarded as one of the best selectors around known for his impeccably curated high emotionally connected driven sets and high energy behind the decks.
Chris is a rising star in the electronic house scene




Guest 006: Alina & Evitamins

The newcomer DJ Duo EVITAMINS X ALINA started playing together just a few months ago. Evitamins, originally Dutch, moved to Switzerland a few years ago in order to get her academic degree in Art Education. Coming from the Techno scene in Rotterdam, she soon got involved in Lucerne‘s clubbing and music scene and started to mix her own music. Alina studied German and Media Studies and is now pursuing a career in Acting. She discovered her love for electronic music a few years ago and was introduced to Djing just a few months ago. Evitamins and Alina harmonize personally and also musically. They share their passion for Djing not only for the good beats, but also to tell stories together. They are supported by the music label ‚Hellwach’.

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Guest 005: Bart Shutler

Bwart is a Belgian music producer based in Swiss. 
He grew up in a musical family, which paved his path of musical interest. He is a roots collecter, saxophonist and nowadays you can find him locked up in a studio making out-of-this-world sounds with analogue and modulair gear. He’s dedicated to enrich the microhouse and techno scene with his creations.

Bwart as Dimitri Barbati Instagram


Guest 004: Frau Linder

In 2017, the licensed physical therapist moved from Berlin to beautiful Switzerland. Here, she first discovered her for electronic dance music. Following the call of the beats she taught herself how to play music, and has been a regular guest in various Lucerne locations, sharing her musical talent ever since. The music styles she feels comfortable with are manifold, ranging from dreamy electropop to her melodic-melancholic hard techno. She can do everything but monotony, and has worked with a number of great labels, such as: MEVA, Sonntagskinder, Underground District, Harmlos, Rawls, etc.
Any yet, she recently found her forever home at the lady’s label Pitanga.

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Guest 003: DJ DON ED

Eduardo Gloria is a mexican who grew up in a music lovers family, listening the classic national 'golden age' songs as well as 70's and 80's international hits. He has always been drawn to beats and percussions; he learned to play the drums at young age, joining temporarily a rock band and enhancing his knowledge about acoustics and frequencies. After exploring on different genres, life took him to focus on electronic music, playing under his DJ name Don Ed in many parties and venues around Mexico and Switzerland, where he currently lives. Don Ed makes harmonic housey sets to take people into the finest musical journey. Now also as a learning music producer, he belongs to Maleante Records label, cofounding a party-project called 'Las Noches Futuras' in his hometown and forming a DJ crew with the same name.

Resident Advisor

Guest 002: DJ Philippe J Fry

After Philippe J Fry woke up in his cryogenic chamber he found his love for electronic dance music. He found out that he can send people to outer space if he fires the right frequencies in the crowd. He likes to explore different kinds of genres. Under the alias Philippe J Fry he plays from organic downtempo to house to acid techno. But he also have his second personality Goa Constrictor where he travel new worlds with his psychedelic spaceship that fires bombs filled with psytrance and full on goa. 



Zuger Technokultur

Guest 001: DJ Mörser

DJ Mörser is an ambitious newcomer from Lucerne, Switzerland. As one of the first guest DJ's of Purple Moon Rec he bings us some light and uplifting Deep House. Definitely worth to tune in for his set on Podcast 004.