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Resident R01: Deluminat

Deluminat aka Tony's DJ musical journey started back in 2016 when he met a talented House DJ from Sydney - DJ Cosmic Jones, now days known as Rubio. He teached Tony how to use the decks and get started playing some smaller gigs.

In 2018 Tony took a break from dj'ing to learn music production. In the next few years he founded the Label Mies & Druff Records, under which he released different songs From Techno to Lo-Fi Hiphop. 


First populatiry he gained with his song Leaving Town, a dreamy and housy song reached more than 50k on Spotify and was the first little breakthrough in his career.


After the first lockdown of Covid (2020), Deluminat played regular gigs in his hometown, hosted by his Label Mies & Druff Records and local clubs. 

2021 He launched the monthly Gemstone Party's at Gewerbehalle 


Resident R02: Paracelsus

Paracelsus is a mid-twenty dude from Switzerland who is also known as Ulen. 

Fascinated by electronic music since his teenage years, which he spent mostly at raves/ in clubs. He’s still a new kid in the business since he started DJing in 2020. Notwithstanding his big musical knowledge and his passion for electronic sounds and melodics allows him to create innovative and interesting sets. 

Inspired by oriental, jungle, ocean sounds which you can obviously hear in his sets. 
Some of Paracelsus role models were Oliver Koletzki and Dixon. 

Mainly he loves to play between Deep House, Melodic House/Techno and also pute Techno sounds. 

Now enjoy his Set